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The Windows Phone Problem In Three Words: Way Too Late.

It’s about the apps. No one talked about WIndows Phone with me this weekend despite having dozens of people at two different events. It’s gonna be a long year for Microsoft. Developers are ignoring its platform (the pro developers who work for VC-funded companies, not the kinds that make enterprise apps in .NET).


Earlier today, Charlie Kindel, a former Windows Phone GM, posted some thoughts on why Windows Phone hasn’t taken off. Essentially, he blames Microsoft’s model pressuring both OEMs and carriers — so much so that neither really wants to push the platform.

Perhaps not surprisingly, I largely agree with his criticisms of Android. He believes Google’s platform has completely laid down for both the OEMs and the carriers to the detriment of the users (hence, the fragmentation we continue to see). This has allowed Android to flourish with regard to market share, but he thinks it won’t last forever because eventually the consumers will revolt, just as they did against Windows Mobile.

I agree.

Where I don’t agree with him is that Windows Phone is the correct model. I like the model a lot more than Android’s, and I like the OS a lot. But I don’t like the OEM strategy. And I hate the timing.

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